Arrived in Reykjavik

Heathrow Terminal 2 (the Queen’s terminal) is much more pleasant and relaxing than Stansted.   I said Morning Prayer in the Multifaith Prayer Room.   Reykjavik was cold but sunny, and there was a beautiful rainbow as I walked from the bus station to the guesthouse.  The “dorm bed” turned out to be one of two in a pleasant room; my roommate was a night owl so I hardly saw her.

Met Bjarni, the priest of the Anglican congregation, and his three daughters for a pizza.

2016-08-31 21.26.26

To read more about my stay in Iceland, see the Iceland page of this blog.





visiting card

visiting cardIn preparation for my journey, I ordered new visiting cards.  The Gothenburg ones had a nice photo, but all the text apart from my name and email address was no longer accurate.  Visiting cards are taken very seriously in Japan.  Is the new design is a bit too frivolous?

Two weeks to take-off

Having sorted out flights, trains in USA and India, and accommodation, I turned my thoughts to packing.
After trying two possibilities, I decided on the piggy-back rucksack, with main bag and day-pack zipped together when I have to carry both. Not much room for anything I may acquire on the way, unless I wear my hiking boots.  But the larger rucksack would be oversize for the bus from San Francisco to Yosemite, adding $50 to the already high price.  I am stocking my Kindle with books, but have a few hard-copy maps, tickets, etc.