Continents Colliding

At Thingveillir the Eurasian and American land masses are drifting apart. At Peggy’s Cove on the South Shore, this poster claims that Nova Scotia was formed by two land masses, Avalon and Meguma, coming together.  I do not know why they qualified as “continents”.  On the journey, Gordon was telling me about a course in cultural competence at the medical school where he works, and at the Fisheries Museum in Lunenburg I found out more about the original inhabitants and the effect on them of increasingly greedy settlers arriving from the “Old World” – further examples of continents colliding.

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The device that I thought was a global charger turned out to be a mere adaptor, so I arrived in Halifax with all three batteries (iPad, Kindle and phone) running low.  A trip to Betterbuy was called for, and Gordon took me there after church, where a friendly assistant led me to the right section of the shop. Now everything is charged up and ready to go!