Test walks on The Ridgeway

I am about to set off for my second test walk on The Ridgeway, from Avebury to Goring. The first test of my new rucksack, starting in Goring and heading easy, was not altogether successful. After a good first day, when I met Kate and Tom and had dinner with them at the Fat Fox Inn in Watlington, the second day was very wet. I must have had the straps wrongly adjusted, as I was walking lopsided, but could not find a dry spot to stop and sort it out. After walking slowly and painfully by the Chequers Estate, I collapsed into a chair at a farm shop and was very grateful for a lift into Wendover where the farmer had a delivery to make. It seemed unwise to try another long walk the next day, although the sun was shining.

Still, let’s see if I can do better this time. Walking conditions on the Ridgeway are better than I expected, and the scenery is beautiful. But accommodation is expensive – almost £100 for a night’s B&B. I hope it’s cheaper in Spain on those nights when pilgrim hostels are unavailable.