Day 1: Avebury to Ogbourne St George

Tuesday 22 August

Easy walking. Once I got onto the Ridgeway, it was a broad track, albeit with puddles. I only visited the sights that were directly on the track, viz. The Sanctuary just opposite the car park where the trail officially begins, and Barbury castle, an iron age hill fort with a ditch between two circular earthworks, with spectacular views. I only met one other Ridgeway walker going in my direction, and she was going about 10 km further, to Liddington. Arrived at The Inn with the Well at 2:30, to discover it would not open until 4, sat outside and read my Kindle. Although the pub is near a busy road, the bedroom annexe was quiet.  Just round the corner, a disused railway line offers a short cut to the Ridgeway for tomorrow morning.