Day 2: Ogbourne St George to Letcombe Regis

I expected a 30 km day, though I shortened it by taking a path along an old railway line instead of going back to where I left the Ridgeway last night, and possibly by leaving it before the end of the stage to head for my accommodation.

It almost rained on Liddington Hill. After that came a longish stretch of road walking, crossing the M4, before the track headed uphill again.

Lunch at Weyland’s Smithy which is actually a long barrow over 5000 years old. Half a tin of tuna, resealable with a plastic lid, and half a tomato, putting the other half in the tin with the tuna for tomorrow, plus a cereal bar and a dried fruit bar. Then a steep climb up White Horse Hill, remembering G K Chesterton’s Ballad of the White Horse. Couldn’t see the horse as I was above it.

On arrival at The Greyhound Inn, discovered that I had booked two rooms!  I think what must have happened is that the first booking did not go through straight away so I thought I had done something wrong and tried again. They were very kind, told me to cancel the room I did not want and they would not charge me for it.  Lesson: Check all details of bookings.