Ridgeway Day 3

Thursday 24 August

Rather than retracing my steps through the nettles, I headed along a road towards another of those hill forts. No vehicles passed me in either direction. Once on the Ridgeway, continued along the broad chalk track, stopping after two hours for water at Scutchamer Knob.

This was the only sunny day, and the only morning when I was walking southeast, into the sun.

Although there are gallops either side of Bury Down, I saw no horses. Crossed A34 through an underpass, then more downs with empty gallops. Stopped for lunch on a bridge where there was a brick wall to lean against, about two hours after the water stop. I thought I could then walk to Goring without stopping. However, a bench opposite Streatley Golf Course was irresistible. As I rested, another hiker strode past, the only one who has overtaken me in the whole three days.  About 10 bikes today, four of which I saw yesterday.

I didn’t linger in Goring, but headed for the station where I caught the 15:14 train to London. It had acceleration problems, so took two hours to Paddington.

A successful walk, as far as the rucksack is concerned, but again the toes on my right foot were covered in blood. They didn’t hurt while walking, but I was glad not to put my boots on the next day.