Travelling across the USA by train.  I have booked the tickets (fortunately before the Referendum sent the £ plummeting), and this is the itinerary.

9 September to 4 October, 25 nights of which 3 on trains
9-11 – 2 nights on way to Boston by car with my cousin Gordon (see Canada).
11-13 September – 2 nights in Boston, staying with a Servas host
13 September – on train to Chicago (left 1250) due to arrive 0945
14-19 September – 6 nights in Chicago
20 September – 1 night on train to Denver (left 1400) due to arrive 0715
21 September – 1 night in Denver, Hostel Fish (near station!)
22 September – 1 night on train to San Francisco due to leave 0805
23-25 September – 3 nights in San Francisco at a hostel
26-28 September – 3 nights in Yosemite National Park (tent camp, booked)
29 September-2 October – 3 nights in San Francisco at a hotel
2-4 October – 2 nights in San Francisco, Servas host
4 October – flight to Seoul leaves 1405 and crosses international date line

Friday 9 Saco

We decided not to stop at Acadia National Park as there was too much mist around to enjoy the scenery. Instead, headed for Saco where Gordon had picked out a camp site in the Koa chain, and booked for three nights, the third being for his return journey. There was a good laundry, but it was less attractive than the other camp sites.