Chicago Wilderness

This is the name of a hill in Henry C. Palmisano Park with what they call native planting – long grasses and wild flowers. There is also a fishing pond in an old quarry.  I sat on a concrete slab overlooking the pond, and thought about using the Swedish prayer bracelet (frälsarkransen) in Creationtide. I shall try to write a page about that next.  A rat or water rat (how do you tell the difference) was moseying around but scuttled away if I turned to look at him or her.


I saw from a notice board that the Church of St Barbara is just two streets away from the park.  I went there the next morning when it was open for an 8:30 mass. Children maybe from first grade of the parish school had been asked to bring along their grandparents so there was a good crowd in the church. The priest sounded as if he might be Polish.  It is a large building, wider than long, with colorful Windows. St Barbara is depicted holding a chalice, and one window shows a bishop with a womanish face.