My Home

I bought the flat in summer 2014, having seen it only through the estate agents’ Zoopla entry and Skype on Lucy’s phone.  Three months wondering how long it would take before the contracts were ready, two very brief visits in September and October, and a year of wondering how this built-and-furnished-to-let flat would become mine.  It was rented out from November to October.  Towards the end of November, I took a few days off work, and painted a wall “Violet Imperial”.

When the furniture arrived, it looked like this:

2015-12-31 07.10.29

The next bit of customizing was in the hallway: four plain white doors opening off a small irregular windowless space.  To orient myself, I found a sticker in B&Q and put it on one of them:

2016-01-19 08.58.50

Two days later was my 70th birthday and official retirement date.  I unpacked as much as I could without the full complement of bookshelves, stacked the rest tidily, and entertained 25 family and friends.  Many thanks to Lucy, Dan, Ellen and Megan who helped with the unpacking and shopping, Abi for the Prosecco, and Imogen for the cake.


After that, there were no more visitors for more than a month, so I was able to finish unpacking.  Even the empty boxes were useful as picture stands until I can figure out where it is safe to put holes in walls.

2016-01-19 08.59.14  2016-01-19 08.58.05


2016-01-19 08.58.15