Ignatian Camino

Advance bookings

posted on September 6 2017

Ten years ago when I walked from Leon to Santiago, nothing was pre-booked except the flights.  There were plenty of hostels and one could just turn up.  This time, and on the Ignatian Camino, it’s different. Fewer places to stay, and further apart. What is more, when I started to look at booking.com I discovered several of the key towns were 100% booked on the date I wanted.

So instead of leaving everything open until I get to Spain, I have spent quite a bit of time in the last couple of days filling in the gaps where there is no pilgrim hostel available.  I have even written emails in Spanish.

I had planned not to fly back until November 6, but then heard that the official launch of the new Prayer Centre is on November 2. So I should get to Barcelona the evening before and catch a lunchtime flight. This means that I can only have a completely free day if I either walk 50 km one day or do part of the route on wheels, and it looks as if the relevant bus does not run at weekends.  So one week is still uncertain.

Most pilgrim hostels probably don’t take bookings but I shall have to do some telephoning on the day to get in.

So, not footloose and fancy free, this time.

updated on 3 October

I have found a way around the 50 km day, using the potentially free day to detour via Quinto.  No day will be more than 40 km though a few are in the high 30s.  The average for the part I am walking on my own is 25, and the days with Ramblers, though hillier, are shorter – until 20 km a day.  
There are a couple of places where I would have to ring ahead a book, and many where I may need to find the keyholder to a pilgrim shelter, but otherwise I think everything is sorted.