Stage 10: Alcanadre to Calahorra

A short walk with no villages between the two towns, just farmland. Jacinta turned up at the café when I was having breakfast. She had slept at the albergue in the railway station, not very comfortable but a lot cheaper than my place.

Walking ahead of her and trying to meditate on today’s spiritual exercise, I missed a turning. She asked a man in a car to send me back to the bridge, otherwise I don’t know how far I would have gone astray but I would probably have hit one of two N roads on the map.

Some time later, two cars stopped and the drivers asked if I had seen a little dog. I did see a dog between the two cars, but would have called it medium sized.

Got to the tourist office in Calahorra before it closed for the afternoon. The woman agreed to ring the Hostal in Mallén for me, and when I went back in the evening she had booked me a room for 17th. I celebrated with a couple of tapas and a shandy, then went shopping for breakfast.

Once again, I had arrived at my accommodation to find nobody there. A couple who had also booked rooms turned up and telephoned, and the guy turned up a few minutes later. Unlike yesterday, he spoke English. Sooner or later I am going to have to make the phone call myself!

Jacinta has not booked ahead. She likes each day to be a surprise. I wish I had her courage. She doesn’t like arriving in a town, prefers being out in the country.  I do like arriving and taking off my rucksack. Exploring the town (including the way out for tomorrow) blogging, and going back to the spiritual exercise takes me into the evening.