Stage 13: Tudela to Mallen

One of the passages from the epistles encouraged readers to “walk in step with the Spirit” so I started off at 8 singing “Walk in the light”.  Coveted 9 km to El Bocal, more an estate than a village, without stopping, then sat on a low stone wall overlooking the peaceful Imperial Canal for my first break.  The canal has markers every 100 metres, and 5 km soon passed, bringing me to Ribaforada at 10:50, more than two hours too early for the Menu del Dia.

A long stretch beside the railway, mostly on dirt road but two rough paths of a couple of hundred metres, one very tricky.  Was going to rest after that, but saw Jacinta in the distance, and caught up with her for the last 3 km. On arrival in Mallén – I think it was about 3 – we were told we could eat at the hostal now but not this evening.

I then rested before going out to pick up some snacks at a supermarket, and went to bed early, at 9:30.