Stage 18a: Quinto to Bujaraloz

The bar opened at 6, and by 7:30 it was crowded with men. The TV showed some bikers’ event, but no one was watching. They were chatting to each other. Is this like church? We come to worship God, but the focal point is chatting to each other.

Anyway, I was on the road by 7:45, having breakfasted. The walking was easy, with a pedestrian path by the roadside almost the whole way, and after three and a half hours I had joined stage 18 of the Camino Ignaciano.

I stopped for a drink by the path parallel to the N2, and was soon hailed by Jacinta who had walked from Pina, starting much earlier. There was a strong breeze, so it was not too hot. I detoured up to the Chapel of St George, where I sang the Caribbean Lord’s Prayer.

.Reached Bujaraloz by 4, and enjoyed the “all you can eat” buffet including half a litre of wine before dozing off. Woke by 6 for a time of prayer. Later I shall go down to the bar to see if any other pilgrims are around – there weren’t.

This is the longest walk so far – 36 km according to Google maps – but perhaps the easiest.