Stage 25: La Panadella to Igualada

The clocks went back overnight, so it was light enough to walk at 7.

Downhill all the way, tarmac all the way (much of it on roads where bikes outnumbered cars). I stopped at another motorway service station to change a 50 euro note, and still arrived in Igualada just after 12. None of the churches on the way showed any signs of life, apart from several dogs running around and barking by Sta Maria del Cami, now a private house.

After washing self and clothes, I set out to explore the town.  First stop was a popular tapas restaurant where I ordered a “salad of contrasts”, and very good it was!  Goat cheese, mango, raw carrot and raisins were among the contrasts.  Had thought to spend some quiet time in the basilica, but it would not be open until 7 so I checked out the exit route for tomorrow and returned to the hotel for a short rest and snack.

Back to the basilica about 7:30. Not very quiet, as early arrivals for the 8:00 mass were chatting. But still, ” Tis good, Lord, to be here”. (The Transfiguration was one of the suggested texts.) A large group of young adults, who sat together and exchanged kisses on arrival, and a young woman cantor with a good voice and great enthusiasm.

Not having been offered wine at communion, I had a glass in the bar as a reward for finding my way back to the hotel.