Stage 5: Alda to Genevilla

Today, for a change, we were all walking the same distance.  Breakfast was great apart from the tea for which only tepid water was provided. In San Vincente we met the pilgrim outside the refugio where she had stayed. She wants a short walk, to recover from yesterday, to Orbiso or Santa Cruz, so I am unlikely to see her again.

After a few days of spectacular limestone rocks, we are now in sandstone country, going through woodlands of Pyrenean oak and holly.

At a water stop, my plastic bottle from the Pound Shop sprang a leak so I have thrown it away. The two Water to Go bottles with filters should suffice, though it was convenient having one I could get at without removing my rucksack.

Reached Santa Cruz before 1 and for the first time had lunch at a bar – tortilla with potato inside and mince on top. This plus a beer for 3 euros.

On the map it looked as if we were nearly there, but it took an hour and a half through the woods over the ridge to Genevilla, where a taxi took us off to Maetzu for the night.

The orange I bought yesterday was showing signs of bruising from the sandwich box, so I ate it along with some of the disappointingly bland ginger cake for an afternoon snack.