Stage 9: Logrono to Alcanadre

Forgot how early some pilgrims rise. Alarms went off at 6, some were already fully dressed.  After a peaceful night I made a leisurely start, 7:45 by which time it was getting light.

Met another Ignatian pilgrim, Jacinta from Italy, and walked with her a bit before going on ahead for the stretch on the N232. She arrived in Agoncillo just as I was leaving the bar for Arrubal, already visible.

The afternoon walk was lonelier, much of it on a track by the railway. Rested by the chapel at Aradón. Saw only one vulture.

Arrived Alcanadre at 4. No one home at La Casa Azul, so went to a bar for an hour. Still nobody in, but a family was standing outside, and the mother rang the owner who was busy in one of her other properties but would be there in 5 minutes.

On learning that dinner in the Union Bar (not the one I had been to) was from 9, I went to bed for a couple of hours, then thought I should explore the village by daylight.

No one speaks English, but negotiated chicken, chips, salad and wine. And so to bed (again).