Stage 19: Bujaraloz to Candasnos

Continuing to follow dirt tracks roughly parallel to the N II, which I can hear even when I cannot see it. Two breaks in the monotony: the little village of Peñalba, and the “last climb” which the guidebook advises us to avoid, preferring to walk along the highway!  It was not so much in bad condition as a narrow footpath overgrown with elbow-high sage bushes and reeds, and occasional soft mud or water underfoot.  The fruit shop at the top was not open, but I had a lunch break anyway.

I arrived at Candasnos at 2, and the bus was not due until 4:15, which gave me some time to reflect on Gethsemane etc., the set spiritual exercise for the day. Also to visit the church, which someone had opened ready for a delivery of bottled gas.

Staying two nights in Fraga, taking the bus back to Candasnos tomorrow for Stage 20.